Photo by @photosbrock

Photo by @photosbrock

Tiffany Charesse

Tiffany Charesse was born in Atlanta, GA, where she studied and graduated at The Art Institute with a BFA in Graphic Design. Since then, she has maintained a career working in the art & design industry. 

“It’s the intimacy of portraiture that I enjoy the most. There is no hiding or pretending when someone is studying your every wrinkle and strand of hair, and there are no flaws in raw beauty. From the very moment a first stroke is laid, my subject on paper turns into a real person in my mind - with whom I’m building a relationship with. I’m talking to that person, shaping its features, creating a personality. Some of them I fuss and share tears with, while others capture my heart and make it hard for me to let go... I want people to look at my portraits and want to know the story behind each face - or at least the stories we shared together in the studio...”

Faces tell the greatest stories... I want people to look at my portraits and want to know the story behind each face.

Tiffany combines her love for classic portraiture with her background in graphic design to create unique portraits with geometric flair. Her technique is characterized by smooth blends and a soft richness that she achieves by combining PanPastel powders with pastel pencils. 

With a strong emphasis on visual balance, you can find influences of constructivism, cubism and minimalism in her compositions. She often explores themes of self-awareness, empathy and spirituality in her works.



The Art Institute of Atlanta, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2005 



2018   Summit 2! Gallery 2!, AmericasMart, GA
2018   O’Freedom, My Beloved, Zucot Gallery, GA
2018   Expression, City of Ink, GA
2018   Creative Kickback Artist Showcase, Azjio Gallery, GA
2017   Shattered But Not Broken, Solo Exhibition, Mason Fine Art, GA
2017   ColorATL Vol. 2 Launch Exhibit, Monday Night Brewing, GA
2017   One Music Fest, Hyundai Artist Village Pop-up Gallery, GA
2017   Unravel, Notch 8 Gallery, GA
2017   Celebration of Life, City of Ink, GA
2016   Artemis: Beauty Untold. A Celebration of Women In Art, Mindzai Creative, GA
2016   Art With A Future, Mason Fine Art, GA
2016   Portrait Society of Atlanta’s Portraits For A Small Wall, Sandy Springs Library, GA 2016   Emerge ATL, The Gathering Spot, GA
2016   Atlanta Renaissance, City Of Ink, GA
2015   VERB, Space2, GA
2015   Dirty Ego, Studio No. 7, GA
2015   Portrait Society of Atlanta’s Summer Exhibition, The Mable House Arts Center, GA 2015   Enough Iz Enough 2, City Of Ink, GA
2014   The Chocolate & Art Show, Southern Mills Art Gallery, GA
2014   RAW “Communique” Art Show, Terminal West, GA 



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